Resource Centre for Manitobans who are Deaf-Blind
A program of E-Quality Communication Centre of Excellence Inc. (ECCOE)

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This program is funded by the Government of Manitoba, Department of Family Services.


A condition which combines any degree of hearing loss with any degree of vision loss and interferes with communicating and acquiring information; even though Deaf-Blind persons may still have varying levels of useful vision and hearing.

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Adults who are Deaf-Blind due to accident, trauma, disease or condition. RCMDB services may also be extended to family members where the service would benefit the Deaf-Blind individual.

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To facilitate access to existing opportunities and resources and to ensure sensitivity to the needs of Deaf-Blind Manitobans.

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We exist to promote opportunities for independence, dignity and empowerment for adults in Manitoba who have become Deaf-Blind. We are committed to providing quality services that are consumer driven and responsive. Our services consist of adaptive /adjustment services that recognize the unique needs of Deaf-Blind people. We are committed to an informed and timely process, the provision of accessible service and the recognition of the individuality and differing needs within our target population.

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  • Teach independent living skills
  • Provide information regarding Deaf-Blind issues and support services
  • Provide networking/ linking services to existing community resources
  • Provide consultation to government and community-based agencies
  • Provide public education to sensitize government and community groups    to specific needs of Deaf-Blind people.
  • Work as partners with the government to affect change in public policy and programs, to accommodate the needs of the Deaf-Blind community 
  • Provide volunteers
  • Publish a newsletter to keep clients and other interested parties up to date on resources and issues of concerns to the Deaf-Blind community

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  • All Deaf-Blind people have the right to an independent lifestyle and the right to accessopportunities to develop a high quality of life
  • Adjustment to current opportunities is indicated and assistance is needed to provide equal access to these opportunities that can and should be available
  • Community resources can be designed to enable and support Deaf-Blind individuals to realize their full potential.

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For more information about Deaf-Blindness or if you would like to volunteer at RCMDB please contact:
Resource Centre For Manitobans Who Are Deaf-Blind 
228-285 Pembina Hwy 
Winnipeg, Manitoba 
R3L 2E1

Voice: 204-284-6062
TTY: 204-284-2531
Fax: 204-477-1390

If you would like to donate to the Resource Centre for Manitobans who are Deaf-Blind our charitable number is: 122298854RR001

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Intervenor - A trained professional who acts as the ears and eyes of the person who is Deaf-Blind. An intervenor assists the person who is Deaf-Blind to communicate effectively and access information. For information or assistance regarding intervenor services, please contact:
E-Quality Communication  Centre of Excellence Inc.
200 – One Forks Market Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 4L9

Executive Director - Bonnie Heath
Phone: (204) 926-3270 Voice

Web booking is available at or contact:

Scheduling Coordinator -
Phone: (204) 926-3271 Voice

Accounting Services (billing info) -
Phone: (204) 926-3272 Voice

For emergencies, after hours and weekends please call 

TTY: (204) 452-0687
Phone: (204) 475-6332 Voice

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